Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Face Pistons

Another basketball season approaches us in less the 2 weeks and I can't wait. Yeah I love football and a little bit of baseball (props to the tigers...ill be watching tonight) but the Pistons is where my heart is. I'm looking forward to this season to see how they will adjust without the presence of Ben Wallace. That's the question on everybody's mind coming into this season. "How will the Pistons fare without Big Ben?". I was in a Barnes and Nobles the other day and picked up a basketball magazine and in it, had the predictions and previews of where the "experts" thought all the teams would finish. So of course I go and find the Pistons and to my surprise, this magazine had the Pistons with only 51 wins and thrid in the central. Now hold up a minute. That's a little over zealous don't you think? I understand the loss of Ben, but c'mon now. The team still has one of the best point guards in the league in Billups and they still have Hamilton who might I add gets better and better every season. Tayshaun Prince is still on the team who has also gotten better and better with each season, and even though Raseed Wallace is a year older, his production will still have a great impact on opponents throughout the season. Mcdyess will start and I'm curious to see how he will do playing more minutes this year instead of coming of the bench like last year.
The bench should be in good condition IF Saunders plays them like he should. Notice I said if, and in caps. He can't be doing the same bs as he did last year, playing the starters all those minutes. Maybe if you play your bench, they can get some experience and time, then they won't look lost when its their time to play. Maxiell impressed me in the preseason and Johnson showed some potential as well. These two could be key in the Piston's future.Flip Murray is a nice addition and along with Hunter, the point guard position should be in good shape. Along with Delfino, we also have Mohammed. I think Mohammed needs a little more production than what he did in San Antonio and I'll be satisfied. Again, there is no excuse for not playing the bench this year.
So how will the Pistons finish this year? It won't be third in the central barring any serious injuries. I say first or second in the central and second or third in the east. I have to see how well Chicago can play with Ben Wallace then I can have a clearer picture because its erie how Chicago reminds me of the upcoming Pistons about three years ago. They had made the playoffs two straight years, then Rasheed came and made all the difference. Could the sam happen to Chicago. They are a dangerous team. I'm out fans.


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