Sunday, October 22, 2006

Detroit's Biggest Threat???

So who IS Detroit's biggest threat this year? Well of course, you have to put Miami first. They have pretty much the same team although some of their main players are getting older. But as long as you have Dwayne Wade, you've always got a chance. I put Cleveland second. The played the Pistons tough in the playoffs last year and if they can keep Larry Hughes healthy all season, they could be very dangerous. Lebron James needs no introduction and he will get them many wins by himself. After Cleveland, I would have to say Chicago. Again I expect them to be good, but I just don't know how good with the addition of Big Ben. They already have a great backcourt with Hinrich and Gordon along with Nocioni. Add Ben to the mix and they could be dangerous as well. The Central Division will be VERY interesting this year. As many problems as Indiana has, the should still be a good team although not on the level of the Pistons and the three teams I mentioned above. Besides maybe Washington, the rest of the East in my opinion is wide open as usual. It should be a close race again come plaoff time to see who gets in. What are your thoughts? Let me know. I'm out fans.


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