Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Check yourselves

I've decided to come off my hiatus. If you saw the game tonight you know why. Give Cleveland credit. Myself just like everyone out there gave them no chance to be where they are right now. But I say this to the Pistons, I say this because I am a fan. I love my team. I'm not giving up on you. But truth be told right now, you suck. You are a disgrace. The crap that you are doing on the court is not basketball. I see doubt in your faces. You seem to be scared. Scared of what? I have no idea. The arrogance of your team baffles me. You've gotten your asses beat three games in a row, yet we still hear from the mouths of Sheed and Chauncey "We're not concerned" Well you sure as hell better be concerned. Flip Saunders is doing nothing. I actually want to see LB sitting in the coaching chair now. Flip is not making adjusments. The defense is crap. This Detroit team wasn't based on doubling and playing zone defense. Flip has turned one of the best man defenses into league into a scrap. It seems that this Detroit team has lost their soul. They forgot where they came from and how they came up through the league. What happened to goin to work? It's very uncanny to them playing the Lakers the year they won the championship. Lakers never respected them. The Lakers were arrogant. Now the Pistons are doing the exact same thing. I don't know what else to say. If Cleveland wins, give them credit. I'm out.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Come on Pistons

Alright after the poor showing on Saturday, I hope the Pistons coe out more focused tonight. I give Milwaukee all the credit because they came out and played hard and they didn't want to get embarassed again. Especially in front of their home fans. I'll be back later with thoughts after the game.