Saturday, April 29, 2006

Playoff suspensions and the great games last night

I have seen more flagrant fouls and 1 game suspensions in these playoff than I have seen in recent years. I don't know if the refs are just cracking down or if the league is getting softer. There have been three suspensions so far: Haslem, Artest, and Posey. First of all, I don't know what Posey was thinking the other night. This is not hockey. How are you gonna size someone up like that just because they're kicking your butt? The whole Miami team was whining like a bunch of babies. I still think they'll get it together though. The Artest suspension really was needed if you ask me. Haslem had no business throwing his mouthpiece at one of the most no-nonsense refs out there.

But besides the suspensions and flagrant fouls, how about that Lakers/Suns game last night? There was a little tension in between those two teams as well. I'm loving this series right now. The Lakers have a chance to win this series and with Kobe only having 22 pts? That's unheard of. All of the Laker players stepped up yesterday and it's a wonder where this was all year.

The Cavs/Wizards game was another thriller. Some people think that Lebron travelled on the game winning shot which he may have. It was a great shot none the less. Gilbert Arenas had some cruel luck with the rim though. That was too good of a look to win it at the end. And how about those Kings. When you think about it, the Kings could possibly be up 2-1 in this series instead of down. I felt as though they gave away game 2 and they gutted it out in game three to win. Game four should be interesting although I think the Spurs will come out strong. Ginobili seemed to have some trouble with Artest back so that should be interesting as well.


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