Saturday, April 29, 2006

Detroit Pistons @ Milwaukee Bucks...Game 3

So this has turned out to be the most uninteresting series in the whole NBA playoffs. With the series at 2-0, the Detroit Pistons have showed the Bucks no mercy blowing them out each of the two games. Michale Redd's production increased in game 2, but still nowhere near what he was in the regular season:

Games played: 2
Minutes per game: 36.8
PPG: 20.0
FGM-FGA: 7.0-16.5
FG %: .424
3PM-3PA: 1.0-2.0
3PT %: .500
FTM-FTA: 5.0-5.0
FT %: 1.000

The biggest thing that stands out to me besides the lower point production is the number of free throw attempts for the whole series. Granted many people would crown Redd as a jumpshooter first, I still would expect more free throw attempts than 5. But that just attests to how good the Pistons have been in my opinion. The Pistons have been serious from day 1 and the lethargic Pistons of last year are gone. This year's team is looking to take care of business quickly and painfully if you're a Bucks fan. Will the Buck's use some good ol home cookin' to get a win? Not from what I've seen the first two games. I'm gonna need to see a drastic change and I doubt that will happen. The game is on ESPN tonight @ 8 for all of you who have been complaining about no nationally televised games. But why would they put this series on TV with all the other series going on?lol. Later folks.


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