Sunday, April 30, 2006


I stand corrected by my post yesterday. I thought these Pistons are the ones that take care of business, but from what I saw last night, it's the same as last year. Just making it hard on themselves. Even if the Bucks somehow pull out game 4 which I highly doubt, I still think the Pistons will win the series of course. Hopefully they'll come out mad. But also as I said in yesterday's post, Michael Redd wasn't producing. But yesterday he had 40 points as well as more free throw attempts in that one game than in the first two games combined. The other problem I saw was that other players on the Bucks got too involved. Let Redd have his 40 but shut everyone else down. Milwaukee aslo shot lights out however but I doubt that they will shot like that again....hopefully. Game 4 should be a good one. I think the Pistons will come out angry like I said and handle their business because they need to get this series done to rest RIP's ankle. The Cavs/Wizards series is at least going six in my opinion. We'll see Monday.


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