Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tonight: @ Denver

The Pistons continue their mini roadtrip tonight when they head to Denver. Denver is playing alright while still staying at the top of their weak division. I have to give mad props to Carmello Anthony because he is having a great year even though not many people seem to be talking aobut it. It's like he's playing well under the radar. The Nuggets MIGHT be able to do some damgae in the playoffs. I think they could make the scond round, but we'll see. What more is to be said about the Pistons? They are continuing to play well after that all star break which they needed because you could clearly see a little tiredness stting in with the rough schedule. Like I said, they are on this little road trip and they get another nice break bewtween games. Hopefully they continue their winning ways because Dallas and San Antonio are breathing down their necks for that top record.


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