Monday, December 19, 2005

Tonight: @ Memphis

Well first off, let me say sorry for my absence lately. I have had some things to take care of with school and everything.

Now tonight the Pistons face the Grizzlies who are doing good this season. It will be a tough game for Detroit. Memphis is a team I like. They have a solid piece in Gasol and they've surrounded him with shooters such as Battier and Miller. That can attribute for their success so far this season. I expect them to be more of a force in the playoffs this year than they have in previous years. Detroit is coming of two blowout wins against Chicago and Charlotte. One thing that I keep hearing form a lot fo people is that the Pistons havn't played anyone which is hwy they have had the success and the NBA best record. But they way they handled Chicago and Charlotte tells me that they are taking care of business and besides, they have played playoff teams so I'm not buying it.

In other NBA news, San Antonio keeps rolling. I'm sure many Piston fans like me are watching the Spurs and they are keeping pace with the Pistons. They have one more loss than Detroit, but they are keeping ahead of Detroit with wins by one or two, mainly because San Antonio seems to be playing a game night and the Pistons seem to play once every week. That's how crazy the schedule has been.

Miami is rolling after Pat Riley has taken over, but what I'm not getting is how people are handing them the trophy already. Calm down people and show some respect.

Monday, December 12, 2005


After defeating the Clippers last night, the Pistons move to a league best 15-2 and 10-1 on the road. That's just amazing. 10 of their 15 wins have come on the road. Billups led the way last night and the Clippers in a desperate attempt to give themselves a chance to win the game, resorted to fouling Ben Wallace in the final five or four minutes of the game. Rasheed Wallace wasn't too particularly happy and neither were none of the other Pistons. But hey, it didn't work and now the Pistons are off to Utah to finish this west coast trip tonight. This could be a "trap" game for the Pistons. It looks like they'll win on paper but who knows what could happen. But the way the Pistons have been playing, I don't see them losing tonight. They just have an all around confidence and swagger about them. And if you've seen 'Sheed play lately, almost blatant arrogance which is kind of funny to me. Could Scottie Pippen be right?

Detroit News articles

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tonight: @ L.A. Clippers

Well the Pistons head to face the best team in L.A. No I'm not talking about the Lakers I'm talking about the Clippers. They are in first place in the Pacific. So basically hell has frozen over, pigs can fly, and I'll be in a Piston uniform tomorrow. But all jokes aside, the Clippers have a nice team and I say a lot can be attributed to Cassell and Mobley. Elton Brand has always had the talent and skill but now he's got some help along with Central Michigan star Chris Kaman. This will be no easy task for the Pistons although they've had good history against the Clippers in L.A. The Clips might have tired legs after their win over Phoenix last night so maybe the Pistons can catch a break.

Here at college in VA, I have a lot of friends from Detroit and are of course Pistons fans. With the Pistons great start, they are beginning to question whether or not the Pistons can win 70. As good as that sounds, I say more likely they'll win between 60 and 65 games. I know Pippen said they would win 70 also but we''l see where they stand around the trade deadline.

An article in the Detroit News today just reinforced my observation that I wrote yesterday. It talks about how the Pistons are not that thrilled with their start and they are just taking one game at a time, but there was a quote from the Golden State head coach that said you can literally see the Pistons "turn it on" and basically take over the game down the stretch. I knew I wasn't the only one who was seeing this. Click here for the article.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Spurs lose to the Hawks?

I know this has nothing to do with the Pistons but it's hilarious to me. I go to and look at the scores and I'm like I must be seeing things. And the title of the article is even funnier. I guess it could be equivalent to the Pistons losing to the Bobcats last year.

Kevin Garnett trade rumors

Just when you thought the rumors were over. I'm on the ESPN message board and I find a link to a site that says the Pistons have offered Darko Milicic and Rasheed Wallace for KG. Dumars and the Pistons have of course denied it. I guess the rumors won't quit until Febuary and the trade deadline.

Article here

Friday, December 09, 2005

Chalk up 14

The Pistons win thier 5th straight and get their 14th win of the season still leading the league even though the Spurs have 16 wins (3 losses). I didn't see the game seeing as I'm in VA with a college that doesn't have league pass, but I followed the game on and it seemed to be close from the beginning. Golden State seemed to keep a 3-5 pt cushion for awhile until Detroit took over in the fourth. Now I don't know if Detroit is doing this on purpose, but it seems that some games they hang around the whole game whether they have a small lead or they are down by 5pts or more and then the fourth quarter comes and a switch goes on and the opponents look lost as if the barrage from the Pistons came out of nowhere. That's what is scary about this team. It seems as if they are just waiting to turn it on and even when they're down, they sometimes end up winning by a blowout. One thing I do say is that right now NOBODY can mess with San Antonio or Detroit. They are way ahead of everybody in the league and say with confidence that barring any injuries, you will see a rematch of last year's finals. Can't wait for the Christmas game matchup.

Tonight: Golden State

Pistons fans will finally see their team in action again. Hopefully they can stay a league best with only two losses. My matchup of the night is Davis vs. Billups.

Head to head stats:


PPG: 17.0
Games Played: 15
MPG: 33.5
AST: 128
APG: 8.5
TO: 30
TOPG: 2.0
AP48M: 12.2
AST/TO: 4.27


PPG: 16.4
Games played: 18
MPG: 36.8
AST: 168
APG: 9.3
TO: 56
TOPG: 3.1
AP48M: 12.2
AST/TO: 3.0

So as you can see, it's a pretty even matchup on paper with Davis leading in assists but Billups leads the league witht the lowest assist to turnover ratio.

Full game preveiw

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Carlos Arryo: Good or Bad

Yes I know it's late but it's reading day here at my college and there is no school today. Plus my roommate keeps me up. But anyways, there has been an ongoing discussion in the Detroit News Piston Forum. Apparently, many feel that Arroyo is not doing a good job when he comes in to sub for Billups. There are also a few who believe that there is nothing wrong with Arroyo when he comes in. Some even went as far as to say that we need Arroyo to win the championship.......WHOA....that is where the line needs to be drawn. Now in my opinion, Arroyo has his nights when he can be on but he has more nights where he is quesitonable. It's still early in the season and granted the whole bench needs time to gel. I do notice however that the game does not run smoothly enough when Arroyo comes in to say, keep a big lead when we have one. I've noticed that for the past few games, when Arroyo comes in, things get stagnant and like I said, they do not run smoothly. I just think its one of those things that will get better as the season goes on. I'm not happy with Arroyo's production but I'm willing to give him some time especially after going through the drama of Larry Brown last year. Any thoughts?

The long layoff

Well I know Pistons fans are have been suffering over these looooong layoff between games. I was frustrated as to why the schedule maker would do this when someone told me that is has to do with the the Palace having the tendency to book a lot of events so the schedule maker is doing the best it can I guess.

Next game is @ Golden State

This should be an entertaining game. The matchup to watch out for on paper is Davis and Billups. They've had their share of battles going back to when Davis was with the Hornets. This game starts a little west coast road trip that the Pistons should have no problem with. Considering the long layoff, tired legs should not come into play. But they still have an increase in games starting tomorrow so I hope they enjoyed their time off. I say they n tomorrow night as long as they play to their capability but you can't underestimate this Warrior team this year. I actually like their team.

There are only two games tonight and the Pacers just won against the Wizards in a blowout. In my world, I never like to see the Pacers win.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Brown comes back to the D

Well it's finally here. The infamous game when Larry Brown makes his first trip back to Detroit after everything taht went on between him and the Pistons front office. It should be interesting how Detroit fans react. I think there will be a mix of boos and cheers. In my opinion, there shouldn't be any booing period. Look at it from this angle. Brown was brought to Detroit to win a championship and that's what he did. He almost won another one. So what's all the beef about? What if he and the Pistons won game 7 of the finals last year? Do you think Brown would still be here? It would look kind of funny to fire a coach after winning two championships. But we'll never know. I say that all Piston fans should be thankful to Larry Brown for what he did during his time here. Although he left to go to New York after talking about it during the season last year, was that really a surprise? That's what Larry Brown does. HE LEAVES. All Piston fans knew this when he came in 03, and if they didn't, they don't know basketball so it really shouldn't have been a surprise when he left.

Now to the game which isn't even the big attraction tonight according to the media. I say Detroit keeps on going with their winning ways. They're 5th in the league in scoring right now at 99.5 points per game and they're at home. As for New York, I feel that they may finally be learning the ropes of Larry's new system. It may take them all year but I think they still make the playoffs in that weak Atlantic division.

Here are some interesting articles and an interview with Larry Brown in the Detroit News.